Herbs & Herbal Products That Are Must-haves For Good Health

The use of herbs as a cure for various health issues is ingrained in traditional Indian medicine. There are many medicinal plants that have been recognized for their potent abilities. They are loaded with plant compounds that provide various benefits to the body, including providing protection from infections and inflammation.

Supplements like HK Vitals Ashwagandha are formulated using some of the best ingredients that are tested for efficacy and safety. 

What are Herbal Products? 

Today, the demand for herbal products has increased as more people are turning to holistic and natural medicines. They are not only a cure for various health issues, but they also act as good preventative measures. With people being affected by stress, environmental factors, and a poor lifestyle, a supplement like an ashwagandha tablet can provide great support to maintain and improve health.

Herbal supplements are made with leaves, flowers, roots, stems, and other parts of plants that are known for their medicinal properties. These supplements contain active ingredients from these herbs that give you various health benefits.

Although we are aware of the benefits of herbal remedies, it is difficult to include them as part of our daily diet and lifestyle. An herbal nutrition supplement gives you the most convenient solution to improve your health using these herbs and plants. They use single herbs or a combination of herbs that complement each other to give you the best results. 

Forms of Herbal Products

Herbal health products come in various forms like ashwagandha capsules and more. Here are some varieties that you can try based on your requirements. 

Tablets and capsules: An ashwagandha tablet or other tablets or capsules are among the easiest forms of these supplements for you to consume. All you have to do is consume it with one glass of water.

Powders: Besides well-known forms of supplements like vitamin tablets, herbal products are also found in powdered form. These supplements can be mixed with water, beverages, or even foods like cereal. 

Uses of Herbal Products 

Supplements like ashwagandha supplements and others are recommended to help you recover from various ailments. They are also ideal for resolving various lifestyle issues. Some of the most common uses of these herbal products are as follows:

  • As an antioxidant: Free radical damage is one of the biggest causes for a host of health issues. Herbal supplements like ashwagandha capsules contain powerful plant compounds that are capable of neutralizing these free radicals. This effectively prevents any damage to your tissues and cells, increasing the longevity of your organs and improving the overall quality of life.
  • To manage stress: Some of these herbs, especially ashwagandha supplements act as adaptogens. These are ingredients that help lower the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol in the body. The result is that you are able to cope better and are also able to prevent a host of stress-related health issues.
  • For stronger bones: Herbal extracts found in these supplements also contain important minerals like calcium and phosphorous. These minerals are responsible for the structural integrity of your bones. Some of these herbal products are also highly effective in preventing painful inflammation in the joints, allowing better mobility and flexibility in the joints. 
  • To boost your immunity: One of the most significant uses of natural Biotin tablets or herbal supplements is to boost your immune system. These herbs and extracts contain powerful plant compounds that protect the cells of the immune system from any free radical damage. They also contain important minerals and vitamins that boost the regeneration of the cells in the immune system, allowing you to enjoy the optimal strength of your immune system.
  • For better sleep management: Many people buy ashwagandha supplements online to deal with health issues like insomnia. Since these herbs are capable of reducing stress, they promote better sleep. Some of them are also useful in regulating the levels of melatonin which is the sleep hormone. This regulates your sleep cycle, improves the quality of your sleep, and also helps you stay well-rested.
  • For weight loss: The use of herbal products for weight loss is very well known. Herbs have multiple benefits when it comes to weight management. First, they increase your metabolic activity. They also help you control your appetite. Lastly, they improve the metabolism of fat and prevent fat storage in the body to help you get faster results with the weight loss regime that you are currently following. 

Benefits of Herbal Products 

People buy ashwagandha tablets and other herbal supplements because the benefits of the ingredients in these products have been tested over generations. Some of the most important health benefits of these products are as follows:

  • Higher energy levels: Improved metabolism and utilization of fat are one of the most significant benefits of using products like ashwagandha capsules. This boosts your energy levels, giving you the ability to perform better and prevent issues like chronic fatigue.
  • Better muscle strength: These supplements help in the production of important hormones that maintain muscle strength. For example, taking an ashwagandha tablet regularly can boost testosterone production, thereby improving muscle strength and volume. They also help in faster muscle recovery to help you train consistently and, as a result, improve and maintain muscle strength.
  • Improved digestion: Herbal supplements boost your digestive health as well. They provide nutrients like fiber that aid digestion. These herbal products also help maintain the level of beneficial bacterial populations in the gut to help you absorb nutrients better. This, additionally, maximizes the benefits of your regular diet. 
  • Prevention of degenerative diseases: As you age, the cells and tissues of your organs begin to experience wear and tear. This is accelerated with an increase in the free radical levels. The antioxidant effects of herbal products reduce this deterioration and protect your organs and tissues from age-related damage. As a result, degenerative diseases are also prevented effectively. 
  • Improved cognitive function: Using herbal products along with supplements like Omega 3 capsules boosts your cognitive health. They help in the production and maintenance of the cells of the brain, improving memory, focus, and other cognitive functions. They also help in the production of important neurotransmitters. 
  • Better reproductive health: When you buy ashwagandha tablets and other herbal supplements and use them on a regular basis, reproductive health also improves significantly. These supplements help maintain a healthy balance of reproductive hormones in both men and women. For women, these supplements are used as a remedy for issues like PCOS, infertility, etc. For men, these supplements improve sexual performance, sperm mobility, and more. 
  • Reduced stress and depression: Herbal products have received a lot of attention in the recent past because of their ability to maintain cortisol levels in the body. This helps you deal with stress effectively. Herbal remedies are not only a preventative measure but can also support the treatment of chronic depression and other mental health issues.  
  • Improved quality of skin and hair: Certain Phyto compounds in these herbal supplements are not just antioxidants in nature, but also have an array of nutrients that keep your skin and hair protected from any damage. These nutrients also help retain moisture and produce proteins like keratin that maintain the structural integrity of the skin and hair. They also protect your hair and skin from aging, helping you maintain a youthful and radiant look.

Other Benefits 

  • Your metabolism improves 
  • Enzyme secretion and action is optimized 
  • Your training ability increases significantly 
  • You get added nutrients to support your diet 
  • Your appetite improves significantly 
  • You are able to focus better

Side Effects of Herbal Products 

Herbal supplements are usually preferred by most people because they are used in several traditional remedies. However, it is important to remember that the ingredients used in these supplements are highly potent and can lead to some side effects like: 

  • Nausea 
  • Vomiting 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Indigestion 
  • Rashes 
  • Abdominal Pain

These supplements may also interfere with any medication that you are currently consuming. To prevent these issues, it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor or healthcare provider before choosing any herbal supplement. 

Best Herbal Supplements in India

Get a wide range of nutritional supplements under the HK Vitals line. Here is a list of the best herbal supplements that you can choose from online:

HK Vitals Ashwagandha by HealthKart: There are two factors that have degrading effects on our lives, namely aging and stress. They lead to issues like depression, impaired brain function, fatigue, and others. As you age, especially, cognitive abilities begin to decrease gradually. This supplement contains ashwagandha or Indian Ginseng which has several properties that can combat these issues. It is clinically proven as an effective adaptogen that improves brain function and reduces stress and anxiety significantly. It also helps boost virility in men and women, improves muscle strength, and enhances the production of testosterone in the body.

HK Vitals Cranberry + D-Mannose by HealthKart: 50% of all women suffer from a Urinary Tract Infection at least once in their lives. These infections are usually caused by E.coli bacteria. There are also several fungal UTIs that are extremely painful. This special supplement by HK vitals helps treat urinary tract infections with powerful natural ingredients like Hibiscus sabdariffa, D-mannose, and Cranberry. They prevent the strains of certain bacteria like E.coli from sticking to the uterine and bladder wall. They also inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi that are responsible for these infections. 

Suggested Use of Herbal Products 

When you buy any herbal products, make sure you read the directions for use carefully. It is very important to maintain the dosage of these supplements to prevent any unwanted side effects. 

How Many Herbal Products Should I Take? 

The number of supplements that you need each day varies with the type of product that you buy. Refer to the label of the herbal products that you buy to understand the right dosage. 

How to Take Herbal Products?

Based on the form of herbal supplement that you choose, here are some tips for consumption.

  • Tablets- Take the daily recommended dosage with a glass of water. 
  • Powder- Mix the recommended dosage with water or any other beverage of your choice.

What is the Best Time To Take Herbal Products? 

With herbal supplements, there is no fixed time to consume them usually. However, if the directions for use specify that you should consume them in the morning, before bedtime, or along with your meals, make sure that you follow the instructions to get the best possible results. 

Where to Buy Herbal Products Online?

Get herbals supplements that you need along with products like biotin tablets and more easily on HK Vitals. You can purchase a range of nutritional supplements at the best prices, from one portal. What is more, you have the advantage of home delivery and easy return policies to make your purchasing experience even better.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When to use ashwagandha tablets?

It is usually recommended that you consume your ashwagandha tablets first thing in the morning. However, this depends upon the product or brand that you have chosen. There are no restrictions on when you may choose to use herbal supplements.

  • How much ashwagandha should I use each day?

The dosage of ashwagandha is recommended with the product that you have chosen. Make sure you read the directions of use to get the best results. While there are no known harmful effects of overconsumption, it is best that you avoid it.

  • What parts of the plant are normally used in these supplements?

Most ashwagandha supplements make use of the extracts from the roots as they contain the maximum concentration of beneficial plant compounds. Some supplements may also use extracts from the leaves of the ashwagandha plant.

  • Is ashwagandha safe to use? 

For up to 3 months, ashwagandha can be used safely. There are no studies available to assess the risks of long term use. However, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any underlying health issues, you need to consult an expert before using these supplements.

  • Can ashwagandha improve my training performance?

Ashwagandha capsules boost your energy levels and even improve testosterone levels in the body. These effects of ashwagandha are known to improve your muscle strength, size and overall training performance.

  • Is ashwagandha a cure for infertility?

Ashwagandha boosts the testosterone levels which helps resolve infertility issues in men. However, it is not considered a cure for these issues. If you are having any trouble conceiving, make sure you visit the doctor to check for underlying health issues. Ashwagandha supplements can be used to accelerate the effects of the treatment that is recommended to you.

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